The benefits of learning about our environment at an early age

The rationale for environemental education during the early childhood years is based on two major premesises. Firstly, children must develop a sense of respect and caring for the environment during the first few years of childhood. Secondly, positive interactions with the environment are an important part of a childs development, Children who are close to nature relate to it as a source of wonder, joy and awe. This part of our education is based on the sense of wonder and joy of discovery.  We think its crucial to teach children about how to recycle, and which items go into which bin. We teach them how littering can affect the world we live in , 

In your childs early years, focusing on social-emotional learning in order to help them adopt a conscience mindset. In the words of childcare experts "The vast majority of brain development happens between the ages of zero to three." This is the perfect time to teach them these social-emotional skills they will need. Later in life, these skills will enable them to analayse environemtnal issues, communicate those ideas and ultimately find solutions.


Children Are The Future

Children should learn how to protect the environemnt in a fun way. We teach children to be kind to every living thing and make decisions that benefit the world as whole.